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Motorized Pedicabs can bring 'fun' to you, your kids, one and all!
Your freinds will be transported to and from in a
Fun & Unique way!
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Business Packages; Pick-up and Drop-off anywhere!
Great Idea you or your Contacts choose!
Waikiki, Diamond Head Crater, Honolulu, Millionaire Row, Hanauma Bay, Arizona Memorial, Manoa Waterfall!
  • We can be your personal chauffeur during your stay.  No more switching drivers every time, and wondering if we will get you to your destination.  *You have our driver's cell phone numbers for fast and professional service!
  • Our drivers are personable and speak English!
  • We insure great service!
  • We have hundreds of satisfied customers over ten years of service!
  • Our Pedicabs are 'Motorized', so no need to worry, we are the tourguides!

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Wedding Consultants, Concierge Desks,
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